Hey friends!

I’m Jhoanne. I was a workaholic girl turned stay at home mom and wife. I am 31 years young with two children, ages 3 and 5. My husband and I have been dating since I was 18 years old! Married since 25 y.o. We also have a half mastiff, half pitbull dog named Isabel, aka Izzy. We then decided we needed to expand our family, so we grabbed our Beta fish, named Spike (from My Little Pony).

Besides taking care of my lovely family, I’m a book nerd. In my pass time, I love to read everything parenting to clean eating to kids related books. I like to stay healthy and fit. I love me some Yoga, running, calisthenics, and clean eating. I am an amateur photographer. More like, I like to take pictures of my kids and food.

What about your past?

I graduated with a Criminal Justice,B.S.. I did use my degree after college working everything and anything related to criminal justice but with my workaholic self, I also worked at a second job as a Medical Record Clerk at a Hospital. I first began working as a probation officer, as administrator for judges, and I even tried out for the State Trooper , passing every process including interviews, only to fail my fitness test at the end by one second of the lap time. They are no joke! I’ve also worked at a Bank as a Teller. I’ve been around. Enough about my work resume.


Why Am I Blogging?

Well, I’ve tried the whole Vlogging thing on Youtube: Jho TV

I love the taping, editing and the whole nine yards that go with vlogging, but it consumed A LOT of my time. I still do this on occasions. However, I’m more of a writer than a talker. Blogging is a way to be able to share our reviews, our experiences, and being able to communicate with people. As a stay at home, most of my time is consumed of kid related activities and conversations. Totally OK with me, but I do appreciate some like minded adult talk here and there.


What Do You Want to Get Out of Blogging?

  • I would like to find more like minded moms. On the same journey. Giving and taking positive advice.
  • An out let to the world, a journal of some sort.