Cousin’s Graduation Party| Blog #005 


I’ve decided to start reading to my kids in the morning instead of having them glued to a show, educational or not. Max woke up first, so we grabbed his bottle and sat on the sofa. We started off with a Bat book, because Max loves bats. Then Emma woke up and joined Max for breakfast and I started reading a Vet book, because Emma wants to become a Vet when she grows up.  

Mom: The vet and his assistants are operating on this injured bold eagle. 

Emma: ‘It looks like a grandpa eagle to me. ‘ 

Mom: This vet is checking the dolphins breathing. Because dolphins are so clever, they often do just what the vet wants them to do. 

Emma: ‘So they look in their minds’


Sam’s Graduation Party 🎉 

With Grandma …


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