Home Alone Movie

Hello friends!

It was Monday. We like to begin our week by heading out of the house. Out to the library, playground fun, and a quick shopping trip. At night before bed, we watched Home Alone movie. One of my favorite movie of all time. Classic. Hilarious. My daughter can’t wait to watch the second and third one!

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First Day of Snow

Hello friends!

This weekend, Saturday, it snowed, about 2-4″. The kids were so excited when they saw it begin snowing. They geared up and with their buckets, collected snow while it was falling.

This was also the perfect opportunity and timing to put our Emerson Coffee Espresso Machine to use again! We had used this machine many moons ago and for only one winter. I’m not much of a coffee person, but my husband is, seasonally. Here’s quick videos of the coffee and espresso machine being put to use.

After putting the machine to use, I organized my station. Also, heres’s my winter diet. Breakfast will be coffee. Lunch will be tea. Dinner will be Smoothie. Just kidding. 😏

w that I've become an expert with making coffee and espresso, I now will be studying how to make this cool leaf on the coffee. HAHA.


The kids geared up again to play out in the backyard. We made a mini snowman, played snowball fight. It was fun.

ter settling down from all the fun, my husband decdied to order food instead of having me cook , wash dishes and clean and more cleaning. What a wonderful family I have! I would've cooked dinner, but who's to say no to this option?

While waiting for dinner to arrive , we played puzzles with the kids.

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House Hunting | Blog #006

I dropped off the kids at Steven’s mom’s house. I went to view a home in Upper Chichester. Nice ride up there. After the trip to pick up the kids, the realtor contacted me to inform me that there was an offer on the house. Bummer. We told her we’re interested in the house but not interested in a bidding war. So the continue to searching houses is back on. 

Cousin’s Graduation Party| Blog #005Β 


I’ve decided to start reading to my kids in the morning instead of having them glued to a show, educational or not. Max woke up first, so we grabbed his bottle and sat on the sofa. We started off with a Bat book, because Max loves bats. Then Emma woke up and joined Max for breakfast and I started reading a Vet book, because Emma wants to become a Vet when she grows up.  

Mom: The vet and his assistants are operating on this injured bold eagle. 

Emma: ‘It looks like a grandpa eagle to me. ‘ 

Mom: This vet is checking the dolphins breathing. Because dolphins are so clever, they often do just what the vet wants them to do. 

Emma: ‘So they look in their minds’


Sam’s Graduation Party πŸŽ‰ 

With Grandma …

Fun Activities | Blog #004

Rained in today. 

Have a fly squatter and balloon?

Play tennis, golf, decorate the balloon, or just let the kids run around the house with the fly squatters and hit the balloon. And mommy can get some house work done or whatever else mommy needs to do. Win, win πŸ™ŒπŸ» Just make sure you got rules, i.e. No hitting each other with the squatters, no popping balloons, you know the deal. So get your Fly Squatter Balloon on. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Then we face painted! Max is the Hulk and Emma is Poppy from Trolls. They played around the house pretending to me the characters. It didn’t take long however, they wanted the face paint off. 

I’m assuming that the dryness of the paint was annoying them. Emma had stated that she didn’t want to be someone else & she liked who she is. Whoa! That was deep. We talked about her feelings and how it’s pretend Play. Good thing I’ve been reading Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk. Love parenting books! Gives me advice and ideas. I use some techniques and suggestions. This is a great book for every parent. I borrowed it from the library, but I’ll be purchasing this book to add to my collection! 

Until tomorrow friends,


WE were great today | Blog #003

Great day today! I noticed on my weather app that it’ll be raining tomorrow and Saturday. So instead of completing all my tasks on my to do list, aka house cleaning, I decided to take the kids out , get some fresh air before being rained in all weekend. We can complete our home school and other fun activities on the to do list during the rainy days. Side note, we DO love the rain. We don’t have the biggest backyard and we’ll be lucky enough to hear peace and quiet in the bustling city living. That’ll work out so, Out we go! 

We went to Walmart and Sam’s Club to grab a few items for their home schooling and a few groceries enough to last us through the weekend. Ooooh! And another addition to our growing garden! I’ll try to remember to show you in my next post! Peppermint πŸ€— Super excited. We saw Sweet Basil, but the ones on the shelf looked torn apart. 😩😳😣 Hoping to find some fine sweet basil. 🌱

We then headed to the library and playground, but didn’t stay too long at the playground. It was too hot. Too hot that my kids were sweating and turning red… 

I did find a parenting book that I was going to purchase but found in the library! It’s called How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen so Kids Will Talk by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish. I’ve already began reading the first pages and it’s that great of a book,  thus far , I’ll probably end up purchasing one. I’m eager to do a review on our other blog, which is a parenting & home schooling blog called Pass The Moon, sharing our experiences and reviews. 

We arrived home just in time before the traffic hit and just in time to get some good cooking dinner done by the time the hubby came home. Beef Steak Stew with Power Pressure Cooker (carrots, celery, mushrooms – Next post will be the recipe!) and Spanish rice , topped with corn or you can add corn with the stew, taste as good!

The kids were great today. WE were great. I made sure to be present, focus on my breath, enjoyed my time with them, listened, be compassionate, plus, mommy got her yoga in. Ain’t nothing like that feeling when you get a practice in. Life is good. 
Namaste y’all.

And I knew it! We should’ve gotten her a REAL bunk bed! As soon as she saw one at IKEA display, she fell in love with the bunk bed. Unfortunately, we’ve already purchased her a twin size bed, an upgrade from toddler to kid status. The next upgrade kiddo, if you’re still into bunk beds. 

Until tomorrow friends,


Getting It Together || Blog #002

My [usual] Morning Routine:

  • Bathroom 15 min. βœ…
  • Yogi Tea βœ…
  • Dishes Away βœ…
  • Yoga Anatomy Reads βœ…
  • Yoga Practice ❌
  • Green smoothie βœ…

I played this new shopkins beads activity with my kids. Emma got it for her birthday. 

Then we proceeded to do home school work. 

πŸ’­ Some days aren’t the greatest and we’ve all had our days. However, I reminded myself, they’re only 3 and 5. More activities and hands on learning is usually fun and entertaining than workbooks. To researching and coming up with ideas I go! 
Until tomorrow friends,

πŸ˜„ Jhoanne

That Monster Energy Drink Tho’ || Blog #001

I lived off of Monster energy drink and Pringles BBQ chips all day. FYI, I hardly drink energy drinks. I’m usually a health nut. However, today or as of the past two weeks, I’m running super low on energy and don’t think I’m in the right state of mind. LOL. 

I haven’t had much sleep for the past week or so. Between the Birthday πŸŽ‰ and Father’s Day weekend, I’m exhausted. I’m still trying to get back to the regular schedule after two days. My mind is still foggy from recalling what is our regular schedule. It’s probably the lack of sleep. 

So, today, I sort of completed starting my blog. Woohoo! I’ll probably end up changing the theme. Maybe?

I then took off with the kids to Walmart.

We had to return an outfit, a birthday gift. She had the exact same outfit. So we purchased this baby with the crib.

It opens and closes her eyes. Reminds me of the ones I use to have when I was a kid.

I won’t be making a toy Review on this. It seems self explanatory and there isn’t much to really review. It’s a baby toy with her crib and has music 🎢 attached to the crib. Another addition to her baby doll collection. 
I would’ve liked to stay out a little longer but I got house work and dinner to make. We came back home and began a quick fun Moana activity before we cleaned up the house, because toys were still everywhere from Emma’s 5th Birthday. From the lack of sleep and exhaustion, that’s the last thing I wanted to do. But it needed to be done. Glad that monster energy drink came in handy. LOL.

What’s for dinner?

  • Pork Chop marinated in Italian zesty dressing, cooked on stove top.
  • Spanish Rice 
  • Tuna Pasta Salad with boiled eggs, dairy free Mayo, and red onions.
  • And of course , broccoli, cause I love me some broccoli. 

✨What’s with the ‘Blog #001’ title? A blogging challenge. I’m going to try to post 100 consecutive blogs, regardless if I have anything to write about or not. I’ll blog. I wanted to create a blog and be consistent with it. So here’s to 100 Days of Blogging!

Until tomorrow friends, 

πŸ˜„ Jhoanne